Who is this guy?


My name is Adam Riddick, and I am a Developer, at heart.

I have a Degree In Science In Computing, With Distinction from Teesside University.

And, I am pretty cool.

I am lucky enough to have the most fantastic children a man could ask for – They’re not screaming or trying to pull my face off as I write this, so I can be nice!

My current role is working as the Project Manager on an Dynamic System for Pea Soup Digital. Previously I worked as a .Net Analyst & Developer for a Printing Company known as Simpson Group. We made cool things for cool clients on an enterprise scale.

Currently I’m heavily involved with the .Net Framework, but I’ve also dabbled with Python and PHP. I have lots of experience with front-end languages like Javascript (And all it’s libraries), CSS and HTML (Including CSS3 and HTML5).

I have a multitude of skills, ranging from Development, to Networking, to Technical and all the way through to Database Management. I manage servers, I develop, I analyse business requirements and create reports, I create internal White Papers,  and I Teach, and I learn.

I love to work with people as much as I love to work with code. I aim to be either a Consultant or a Professor, possibly both.

I love to learn and I love to teach and I don’t believe that will ever change.

All views and ideas posted on this website are mine and mine alone, unless state otherwise at the source. These are not the ideas, opinions of any company I have ever had association with, again unless stated otherwise at the source.