NoteIt was my first venture into Mobile Development, and it happened out of annoyance. I was scouring the marketplace a fair while ago for a simple note application that fit into the Windows Phone look and feel, and one that was light weight. The options where few at the time, mostly heavyweight applications or notes applications embedded into other applications. One option was Microsoft’s Shopping List application – But I didn’t want to use an application not for it’s complete intended purpose, yes I’m that anal.

So I built one. It’s took me a while to get this page setup letting people know I’ve built one – I’m about a year late. But better late than never right?

NoteIt, Available on Windows phone 7.5 +, is my solution. It’s very lightweight at 45KB and very fast. It has minimal features so there isn’t all that much to talk about.

NoteIt allows quick capture of notes, Put in a title type your note and you are done. You can send the notes by SMS or Email, or pin individual notes to your Metro screen. NoteIt notes also contain a Timestamp, so you know the date and time that you created your note, should that information become necessary.

You can find out more and download the App on the Windows Phone NoteIt web page.

As simple as NoteIt is, it helped me learn about working with Windows Phone development, and thus some concepts of Windows 8 cross-platform development,  such as working with tiles. This was my “Hello World”. I haven’t one much Windows 8 and Mobile development, although my job role has required me to dabble in parts. As I upgrade my technology set to Windows 8, I aim to focus on more applications for Window 8 and Mobile platform.

Inspire me with your wisdom ...