Microsoft Surface – Round 2

I love gadgets.

I grew up in the “Age of Computing”, loving everything to do with computers. From an early age I adopted Linux, developing with PHP and all manner of open-source technologies. I was not a fan of Microsoft. Everything changed with Windows 7. I now have a windows phone (One of the first Lumia models, and I don’t think I will ever change it!) and have Windows 7 on every machine I own, well apart from the Lumia (Windows Phone 7.8).

When the Surface RT and Pro came out I was looking for a new laptop, I had the choice of a Surface Pro for the extra portability, or a Ultrabook. I chose the Ultrabook – Simply because it was far superior value for money (I own an Acer Aspire).

With the announcement of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 this week, naturally as a lover of gadgets (and some weird combination of Microsoft Critic & Advocate) I got excited.

To say the least,I want one.  But I won’t buy one.

Maybe if the pricing included Office 13 and the Power Cover it would be worth the outlay. But for the price, I can get a far superior specification on an Ultrabook, that weighs the same.

I’m impressed by the product, but I personally think Microsoft is going to struggle to ship these, considering the Pro 2, Power Cover and a Dock will begin at over £1500.

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24. September 2013 by Adam Riddick
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