Developing Development – Hello World

public class Interaction
    public string _helloWorld = "Hello World";

    public string SayHello(){
       return _helloWorld;

It’s typical to start with one of the simplest things possible, outputting a string, somewhat a tradition to use “Hello World”. Although I realize my object-orientated approach requires instantiation. And what you can’t see if that it’s held in a c# Class Library within a MVC4 Web Project. So I need a reference, a controller, a view, and then my instantiation, and a call to my SayHello() function.

In effect, I’m saying Hello World.

I recently started with a new slope on my learning curve, ASP.Net MVC4. I am learning use Entity Framework (5) as my ORM, using both Code-First and Database-First paradigms. I want to share what I have learned, and what I will learn, as I progress along this path to mastering the technology.

I am, of course, coming from a programming background, which you can discover here. I also take note that technologies change (Otherwise I would be in the wrong industry!) and so, over time, I can safely say this blog will move away from its roots.

I invite you to join me on my journey. I hope that I can teach you something new, and maybe you can teach me something new as well.

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27. February 2013 by Adam Riddick
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